Artist duo

As artists, they want to be inspirational, bridge-builders, in touch with society. From this starting point they developed a significant vocabulary of the symbolic image. A growth process from I to We. From 1974 The ‘Plant’ became the¬†metaphor for ‘Mankind’ in it’s desire to explore the germ of it’s human being.

short film: The World My Garden 2015


Two people bound together by a dream decided to live life as a unique adventure - against the backdrop of the age-old philosophical questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How do I shape this life?

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As alchemists, Huub & Adelheid look for fundamental processes of becoming in life, the golden spark, a gnostic symbol of a new symbiosis between economics and spiritualism, between culture and nature, between East and West, and between individual and society. From 1991 they call this proces Quantum Art. This vision is represented in several global Quantum Art projects.

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